Five Leaves Oyster Bar and Cafe. Greenpoint. #inthecut

Yes, they are all here. But generally, they would never take the G train to arrive. Who would ?
‘They’ are all the creatives, Williamsburg cool cats, Greenpoint locals, kick back connoisseurs and big brunch mavens.


However, this isn’t the all in all when one talks about Five Leaves American restaurant on the edge of ‘WOAHBURG’ and Greenpoint’s respected polish community.

Another hardcore local hangout, with an excellent menu including vegetable quinoa and a delightful black kale salad mixed in an anchovy dressing. Don’t compare it to a ceasar though. Coffee to go from their pick up window, drop on by, stay a while or just watch from across the street:) This place stays busy with a rotation of interesting human forms layered with or without sunglasses, beards, tattoos, piercings, toms, and oh, mac books.

Seating inside is tight, if it is raining even more so, if you happen to prefer space wait for the outside, otherwise eavesdrop on the gossip echoing off the walls. Their bar is most comfortable and conversational bartenders support the chatty environment.

Known as an oyster bar and lounge compliment your choices with selected cheeses, or go for a shrimp roll with fried capers. Burgers and truffle fries weigh heavy in reducing an early afternoon hangover, while brunch is a mainstay or a continual must do for those #inthecut.

An always enjoyable list of american whiskeys, craft beer, cocktails, or a selection of gin, vodka and aperitifs will satiate any thirsty desire.

Five Leaves Cafe Bar
18 Bedford Avenue

Five Leaves Cafe Bar

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Photos courtesy of Five Leaves Website


From The Source. Textured Harmony in Furniture Design. Greenpoint. #inthecut


This design studio warehouse will enthrall and inspire with deep textures, gentle coloring and bold natural design. Specifically sourced woods lay the foundation for many a custom handmade piece. Walk around this massive space enjoying the sensual beauty and harmony derived from perfected pairing of iron, wood and steel.

Clean organic cuts, softened by time yet enthusiastically holding their own within a set, or stand alone, it takes mere moments to be enthralled by simplicity.

From bed frames and chairs to wall mounted mirrors, open shelving and bedside tables, the detail and passion for each piece reminds one how nature is mans best compliment.

Check out how they source their mango wood. Or their beautiful Urban Farm Caravan Coffee Table from the Storage Collection

From The Source
69 West St.

Greenpoint, Bk, NYC

From The Source NY



FromTheSource_BedroomSet_inTheCutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog   FromTheSource_TerrariumTable_inTheCutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog  FromTheSource_WoodBedroomSet_inTheCutGreenpoint_itsJeffYoungBlog



Photos courtesy of From The Source Facebook page

Grand Central Yearning Now at 88 Orchard

I look forward to each and everytime I pass through Grand Central Station. Because I start to yearn.
Its definitely not the bustle, and although gorgeous is not the constellations etched in the ceiling, nor is it the chance to ride the 4,5,6 say rush hour. It’s the transfer when I actually get time in the station.
IRVING FARM Coffee Roasters.

Yup. That’s it.  Coffee. And a great assortment of baristas that make those precious moments in between more enjoyable.
I’ve had the blue bottle, the stumptown, the vida, the organic, the trendy and the burnt, but I haven’t had the enjoyable barista consistently.

IRVING FARM adds a special moment to my transfer window with app pleasant open atmosphere, a selection of goodies, friendly professional baristas and, oh, great coffee.

Located on the lower level of Grand Central Station just of tracks 107 and 108,  pop in during your next transfer window and revel for that mo


ment in that enjoyable company.

Oh yeah, they just opened a new farm in one of our top neighborhoods,  check out the eclectic enviornment on 88 Orchard St, LOWER EAST SIDE !


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